Feb 25, 2020

Why Immorun Luxembourg


Why taking part in immorun Luxembourg is a good investment for your company?

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Posted by: Savanah

Immorun Luxembourg will take place for it second edition on May 6th at Kockelscheuer Ice Rink, in Luxembourg. This quite new and unusual event may seem pointless to some, but we're going to prove to you the benefits that Immorun can bring you.

1. WORK OUT & SHARE POSITIVE VALUES - We all know that "men sana in corpore sano". Sport is an essential part of our health, both physical and mental. Indeed, sport has a positive effect on our personal and professional development. Numerous studies also prove that physical exercise will increase the work efficiency of employees. Immorun Luxembourg will allow you to take part in a positive sporting challenge with your colleagues, which brings us to point 2.

2. EMPOWER YOUR TEAM - Immorun Luxembourg is a fantastic way to strengthen ties with your colleagues. By taking part to a team challenge, whose goal is to surpass oneself in order to reach the podium, colleagues will have to be united and encourage each other during the event. Your team will come out of it stronger than when you came in.

3. ACTIVATE YOUR BRAND & GROW YOUR NETWORK - Wear your colours during the run and prove that your company is capable of reaching the podium. During the evening included in the booking price, you will be able to meet your peers from the real estate industry and expand your network in an efficient way in a more than relaxed atmosphere.

Register your teams now and benefit from the Early Birds prices. You will save up from 50€/team.


You are a real estate company and would like to become a partner of this growing up event? Don't hesitate to contact us at sport@people-first.be

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