Jun 24, 2019

Sun is high above Kockelscheuer Ice Rink


Two days before the first edition of the Immorun Luxembourg, we are glad to announce you that more than 75 teams will be part of this sports and networking experience, under the sun.

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Posted by: Pauline

Despite the heat forecast, don't worry, we will be there to cool you down during the race. A refreshment stand will be set up so that you can drink while running and some of our monitors will be placed on the race ground with hoses in order to cover you with a light rain. 

However, dont' forget to equip yourslef properly, even if we will have sunscreen available for those who will have forgotten to take their own. 

The evening promises to be one of the most beautiful, with a really pleasant temperature, exactly what it takes to build relationships between colleagues and professionals of the real estate sector. 

Find here all the important instructions for the D-Day. 

We are looking forward to seeing you there for this very first edition of Immorun Luxembourg. 

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"When training, always follow The Golden Rules… Progression, Regularity, Stress & Recovery, Diversity, and Listen to your body".