Apr 5, 2022

Early Birds are SOLD OUT

Early Birds are SOLD OUT


Don't worry there still places left to be part of this unique experience!

So grab your running shoes and sign your team up for the 30th of June if you haven't done it yet !

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Posted by: Pauline

Many of you have already joined us and set up their teams, we are really looking forward to D-day ! It looks like it's going to be a great edition!

You haven't registered your team yet? Don't worry registration for the 3rd edition of Immorun Luxembourg is still open! Want to know what this event can do for you and your company? 

1. Outdoor team building 
By forming a team of 3 runners with your colleagues, you can strengthen your team spirit and have a great time! Not only with your teammates, but also with your whole company, which will give you unconditional support to see you cross the finish line.

2. An opportunity to expand your network
The walking dinner after the race will allow you to spend some informal time with colleagues, but also to meet your peers from the real estate sector! An ideal moment to expand your network and make new acquaintances! 

3. A showcase for your company
Want to showcase your company and wear customised t-shirts or fun goodies? Now is the time! 


As you might know, the Immorun always supports a charity. The Immorun Luxembourg has decided to support the Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner accompanying children fighting cancer or a rare and life-threatening disease and their families.

We are really looking forward to see you there ! We'll reach out again very soon with additional information through social networks: FacebookInstagram and Linkedin.

Grab your running shoes and sign your team up for the 30th of June if you haven't done it yet !

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