For 30 years, the ‘Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner’ has been accompanying children fighting cancer or a rare and life-threatening disease and their families. The foundation has three main missions: 
  • Help to improve the physical and psychological condition of the child and his family. Its multidisciplinary team offers an individual care taking from the diagnosis all the way to the remission, including assistance with the administrative and financial aspects, psycho-social support as well as educational, therapeutic and recreational activities.

    Three establishments are run by the foundation in order to offer the best possible access to this support: ‘La Maison des Enfants’ in Luxembourg hosting all activities and administrative assistance, ‘La Maison Losch’ in Brussels offering a temporary shelter for the parents whose children are being treated at one of the main cancer treatment Centers and finally ‘L’Appartement de Convalescence’ on the Belgian coast allowing the families to retreat and to recuperate in the immediate proximity to the sea.

  • Raise awareness of childhood cancer and defend the children’s rights.

  • Support actively onco-paediatric research by funding select projects with one main goal: cure quicker and more efficient.
The foundation is exclusively funded by donations and invests any available funds into their three missions. Every year, an external audit is done in order to guarantee total financial transparency. 

IMMORUN donates 10€ to ‘Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner’ for each registered team.




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