What is the date of next Immorun’s edition?

The next edition will take place on Thursday 19th of September. 

When will the registrations open?

In general, the registrations open 3 months before the event. 

It will be communicated on our website. 

It is also possible for you (if it hasn’t been done yet) to subscribe to our newsletter to be kept informed about all  information concerning the event.

Do I need a certain physical condition ?

You don’t need to be an olympic athlete to participate in the IMMORUN! 

Everyone can participate as every runner of a team runs 9, 6 or 3 km respectively and you cross the finish line all together to foster cohesion.

What are the different categories ?

There are 4 different categories:

  • Women  (3 women)
  • Men (3 men)
  • Mixt women (2 women and 1 man)
  • Mixt men (2 men and woman)
Can I modify my registration?

If you have completed and paid your registration, you should have received a confirmation mail with a link to fill in the details about the team members. You will also be asked the number of extra walking dinners ordered.  Please do only mention the walking dinners that you have ordered and paid for. We will always verify every order

Until when can I complete the details of the runners?

You have until 10 days before the start of the event to complete the category as the name of the runners. After this, the modifications can only be done on site the day of the event. We recommend you to do this beforehand to make things easier on the day of the event and to have your name on your bib.

Is it possible to order extra walking dinners when my registration has been completed?

If they are not sold-out, it is possible by sending a mail to hello@sportero.be.

How many extra walking dinners can I order?

For every team registered, a maximum of two extra walking dinners can be ordered. 

For every enrolled team

  • 0 extra walking dinner can be ordered
  • 1 extra walking dinner can be ordered
  • 2 extra walking dinners can be ordered
Can I still order extra walking dinners on site the day of the event?

Unfortunately, no walking dinner can be ordered on site.

Is it possible to book table(s)?

Of course! You only need to be a minimum of 8 people to book a table.

Are the walking dinners included with the booking of a table?

No, they are not included with the booking of the table. You need to order and pay for them.

When does the registration close ?

You can register until the day of the Immorun! Unless the maximum number of participants has been reached before. I advise you to register as soon as you can to be sure you don’t miss out on this experience! So, ready to take on the challenge with us? We can’t wait to see you there !

I can’t participate in the run anymore (injury or other) can I get a refund?

Take a look at our general terms and conditions here below. If you should have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help ! 

Can I cancel my registration ?

No, this is unfortunately not possible. 

If you would like to know more about our public cancellation policy, I suggest you read our terms and conditions. If you have any questions about it, do not hesitate to contact us.

What do I need to bring on the day of the event?

On the day of the event we recommend you bring your running outfit (we advise you to check the weather conditions of the day of the event), a reusable water bottle, another outfit for the walking dinner if you want and of course … your enthusiasm.


Can the supporters come to support?

Of course! They will only have access to the zones they are allowed to.  If they have ordered a walking dinner, they can also have access to the village with their bracelet.

What to do with my personal belongings during the race?

There is a controlled deposit for the bags in the welcome zone.  You can drop your bag. And the best part ? This service is free ! Do not forget that the organization declines all responsibility in the event of theft or breakage. Your belongings can be dropped and picked up as often as you like. 

Are there refueling stations during the race?

Refueling (water, bananes, cake,…) are provided during the race. A more subsequent refueling will also be provided when you will have reached the finish.  

Are there showers?

There will be showers at the Immorun. Do not forget to take your towel with you. 

Is there a podium?

A prize ceremony will be held after the race. The 3 best teams of every category will be rewarded.

At what time does the after-race start?

Once the race will finish, the village will become available. Every person with a bracelet will have access to it from 7.30 pm until 11 pm.

What happens with the lost items ?

The items that will be found during the event will be at the deposit. If you do not find your items, you can contact us at hello@sportero.be with a precise description of the lost item.


When will we have the results?

In the days following the event, the results will be published on our website and social media.

When will we have access to the pictures?

In the week after the event, the pictures will be posted on our website and social media.

Will there be a feedback form to fill in?

A feedback form will be sent to you after the Immorun.

We recommend you fill it in so that we can improve the event year after year.