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Dear Immorunners, 

The event is getting closer and we thought we'd give you 5 tips on how to be a great Immorunner:

1. Look about 50m ahead
We naturally move towards where our eyes land, so avoid looking at our feet at all costs! Our goal is to move forward! This will also ensure that you don't overuse your quadriceps and force your body. But of course, despite our advice, keep an eye on where you put your feet! 

2. Grow taller
The aim is not to lean forward too much. Even if a slight tilt forward is positive to maintain the dynamics of the movement. And above all, you must avoid leaning backwards, it's like running with the handbrake on! Ideally, you want your shoulder line to be slightly forward of the centre of gravity, as in the photo below. And getting there is not just a matter of focusing on your position. It's a sum of details that we'll see later, so here remember the idea of the line holding your head!

3. Take smaller steps
Try to run as relaxed as possible and without too much effort. Smaller steps are more effective than long strides that slow down your run every time you hit the ground.  This makes better use of the elasticity of your muscles, tendons and joints to create natural cushioning.

4. Don't start too quickly
Your body needs to get used to the stress and strain of running. Many beginners make the mistake of starting too fast and pay the price after only a few minutes: frustration, overexertion, pain and injury are just some of the consequences of over-ambition. So try to run at a moderate pace where you can hold a conversation without running out of breath. 

5. Move your arms forward
One last point about the arms. Again to prevent them from slowing you down, make sure that when you move your arms, your hand goes forward and not to the side. It is particularly important to avoid the hands going past the centre of your body. A little inward movement is fine, but if your hands cross the centre every time, it will really throw off your stride.

Now you are more than ready to join the IMMORUN on June 30th. Not yet registered? Subscribe your team your team before it's too late ! It's over here




Are you a company coming from Belgium? We have a good news for you! We are organising a bus shuttle from Brussels to Luxembourg for only 50€/pp. The bus leaves Brussels at 14:20. You will be in Luxembourg around 17:00. You will be then able to enjoy the race but also the walking dinner. The return starts at 22:00 in order to be in Brussels around midnight.


⚠️ Subject to the number of registrations ⚠️

Team building, sharing, networking and empowerment, here are the key words that represent Immorun Luxembourg. 

See you in less than a month! We hope that you are ready because we are more than excited to welcome you again this year. 

The Immorun Team

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Tip of the Day

"When training, always follow The Golden Rules… Progression, Regularity, Stress & Recovery, Diversity, and Listen to your body".